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Houses for rent

Houses for rent can vary depending on where you are in the Country, you are, considering where to rent is also another factor, cost of living, cost of meals out and cost of sundries can all add into the equation, so we focus on our beloved houses for rent n Yorkshire, in particular Leeds and the surrounding areas. At Diamond Properties, we specialise in houses to rent in and around the Leeds area including Leeds city centre,


A law of averages taken from numbeo.com throws out interesting stats on various aspects of livnig in Leeds, including houses! So lets take a look:

The average house for rent price is £595 per month for a 1 pad the centre, on the outskirts the price drops to £464.29 per month based again on a 1 bedroomed pad.

3 bedroomed pad in Leeds City Centre £962 per month, outside of the centre same spec = £740

If you want to know the averages for everything else (yes it’s great) then we will give you an idea


Milk (1 Litre) = 0.92p

Loaf of Bread = £1.00

Packet of Cigarettes = £8.00 (stop smoking)

Meal for 2 (mid range restaurant) = £50.00

One way transport ticket = £2.40

Petrol (1 lire)  £1.16

Average salary = £1,652 take home pay


Compare that with other places around the UK we think you will find houses for rent in Leeds and surrounding areas is not only great value for money but a great choice, even more so if you choose Diamond Properties.