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Property Finder – What 100k can get you in Copenhagen

We go a wandering somedays at Diamond, to see what properties overseas are available and by chance we came across this little self built beauty in Copenhagen. Names Sorte Haus, which in English means “Black house’ The 80 square metre beauty was built as an affordable dwelling for a family of 3. TO get any cheaper than this in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is impossible!


The design and build compromises innovative and affordable single family abode, keeping materials to a minimum cost whilst utilising all the space to maximise room space.

The living room leads straight into the bedrooms so landing space loss gives more bedroom space

Low-Cost-House-in-Copenhagen-by-Sigurd-Larsen-Design-and-Architecture_dezeen_784_1The main living room and kitchen / dining areas are an open plan with an island kitchen to separate the 2.

property finder-copenhagen-properties overseas

All of the door leading outdoors are bi folding giving a sense we would image, that when summer arrives you feel indoors and out and the space really opens up! By night the home looks cosy don’t you agree?

Versus £100 grand house in Leeds which will get you of you are lucky a small 2 bedroomed back to back terrace!

Rental Properties

How are rental properties shaping up for the New Year nationally including  Leeds and Yorkshire? A look over the years at the rise and decline of the rental properties market!

Property market conditions, combined with the likelihood of interest rate rises and uncertainty over the general election is likely to result in static or small rental increases in the UK in 2015, according to claims.

Rental rises are likely to be restricted by factors such as continued low disposable income, anticipated interest rate rises and a forecast of economic development in 2015 that is expected to be lower than this year, according to the forecast analysts.

A review of the year shows that rents have not changed much since 2008. On average as of  March 2008 average rent nationally came in at £698 per month,it dipped slightly however the average remained much the same into 2014.

On average, after seven years, analysts reported little or no growth in rents, with exemption of a few slumps over the heavier recession periods.

In England’s regional ares, rents vary from £570 in the East Midlands to nearly £1,500 per month in London. In Yorkshire as of 2014 rents were as follows, a 1 bedroom rental property averaged  £522, with a shared room (based on a house at £367) and the higher averages of a 4 bedroom property came in at  £1,067 pcm, in short Leeds and surrounding areas are below market average in terms of rental.

Research shows that over the last seven years, the south mainly London, see rents are up around 20%, this is the exception of the rule as house prices continue to rise at fast pace. However further North , West Midlands 6% and Yorkshire up 3% rises, proving Yorkshire housing market is good for going!.

If you are looking for rental properties, or are considering relocating to Leeds or the West Yorkshire ares, Diamond Properties are an independent Estate Agents serving a superior service, get in touch, sometimes it’s better to go local and friendly than big for an all round homely and efficient service.

Diamond News coming soon!

At Diamond Properties, Headingley, Leeds, we believe properties are a great deal more than just bricks
and mortar and always consider the people at the heart of the home.

Every service we provide for you which include, student accommodation in Headingley and Leeds,is personally
designed around your needs. Our aim is to relieve any stress you may be feeling during this time of change.
As a leading estate agents in Headingley, we make it our duty to know our the area intimately, as a thorough
knowledge of the local market means a better result for you.


Whether you are buying or renting a property we have all areas covered. We will be keeping you in the know about
property news in and around Leeds so watch this space.