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Leeds a ‘Thrifty City’

Leeds a ‘Thrifty City’, eh? According to sources, Leeds is one of the most affordable places to live in the UK where renting a property is concerned. Research and figures show that Leeds is the first  best city n value, falling short of the top places which were Cardiff and Plymouth.

In comparison to Plymouth and Cardiff, Leeds comes up trumps for the better of the 3 in terms of what it has to offer. The main one being access. Leeds is practically slap bang in the centre of the country meaning travelling to it is pretty good going. While we are on the subject of travel, transport links are strong with trains planes and buses serving many areas to the UK and beyond. Next up sport, with rugby and football stadiums all within easy reach to the city Centre Leeds is definitely big on sport. Culture, well thats a no brainer, Leeds has a multi cultural society, it has many restaurants, cafes, bars, food markets, places of worship and festivals to suit all cultures.

Education? Not a problem, Leeds has several Universities and has a reputation to  boot, it also has a good %  graduates finding employment in Leeds after study. Recreation – Yorkshire as a county has a plethora of things on offer from North Yorkshire to South outdoors and in!

So with Leeds being the place to be and houses to rent being of one of the cheapest places in the country, it’s worth a thought?

So is Leeds a ‘Thrifty City’? You decide!



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