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Property Finder – What 100k can get you in Copenhagen

We go a wandering somedays at Diamond, to see what properties overseas are available and by chance we came across this little self built beauty in Copenhagen. Names Sorte Haus, which in English means “Black house’ The 80 square metre beauty was built as an affordable dwelling for a family of 3. TO get any cheaper than this in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is impossible!


The design and build compromises innovative and affordable single family abode, keeping materials to a minimum cost whilst utilising all the space to maximise room space.

The living room leads straight into the bedrooms so landing space loss gives more bedroom space

Low-Cost-House-in-Copenhagen-by-Sigurd-Larsen-Design-and-Architecture_dezeen_784_1The main living room and kitchen / dining areas are an open plan with an island kitchen to separate the 2.

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All of the door leading outdoors are bi folding giving a sense we would image, that when summer arrives you feel indoors and out and the space really opens up! By night the home looks cosy don’t you agree?

Versus £100 grand house in Leeds which will get you of you are lucky a small 2 bedroomed back to back terrace!

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