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Student houses in Headingley

Student houses in Headingley are extremely popular. A lot of the culture in Headingley is based around student life and social culture. Student houses in Headingley cost on average £70 per person per week, almost £300 per month. Sharing tends to be the normal as Headingley have grand terraced houses that can accommodate 1 – 8 people! Some of the humongous terraced houses have up to 8 rooms, each a decent size and also a lot of old character and charm to them. You don’t need to know all 7 other residents if you plump for a shared house, putting groups of students together in a shared house for their first year, is a great way to meet new people and grow your friends. if you do prefer to be on your own, or you are a couple then there are smaller houses available. There are rows of terraced houses in Headingley and the area is vast. Entwined in amongst the houses is literally everything you could need including supermarkets, a rugby stadium, a cricket ground, gyms, a cinema (down the road in Kirkstall) and social life is endless with all manor of pubs, clubs and restaurants for all walks of life, from Jazz to dance music, cuban food to fine dining, Headingley has it all

So what exactly attracted students to Headingley in the first place? Quite simply the location, Headingley is easily accessible from all of the major Universities, so much so a lot of lecturers alike live in the Headingley area. There is frequent buses into Leeds from Headingley and you can also get in by train. Many students who studied in Leeds, graduated and still live in leeds, tend to settle in Headingley. You will find a plethora of cultures in Headingley and supermarkets and shops to boot, there is plenty to see and do, and lots of culture to spice up your life if you please. Headingley, infact is a real eye opener to a taste of difference and friendly cultures.

So how much are properties in Headingley? A 2 bedroom terraced house can be on average £140,000 and the larger terraced with several room can go all the way up to £300,000+


At Diamond Properties, Estate Agents in Headingley and Oakwood, we are committed to find the perfect property for you. Get in touch with us today whether you are a student or your’e thinking of studying in Leeds and want an idea of the market, see whats on offer with our housing list, sign up to our newsletter for frequent updates or give us a call, we are here to help you find the perfect home.

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